school sports day

you know how you try your hardest and train for the events for athletics day a few months beforehand. Your house is looking pretty good.YOur  war cries are in full swing . THey sound pretty good. BUT our rivals still end up beating us. A sad day indeed for the Lewis house.

Good news…

In this dreadful week there has only been a solitary ray of hope. THE worst teacher from my high school has left!!!!!!!!

During opne boring lesson spent sitting in the class saring out the window to the wonderful view outside, I am jolted back to reality. I look back to see what the commotion was about. I saw quite a few girls with tears in their eyes. I turned backwards and asked the girl sitting behind me what was going on. She said that sadly the teacher had decided to take break from teaching. I suddenly felt like jumping  for joy but that might land me in detention for expressing my joy in this sad congregation. I couldnt believe these losers were sad about something like this. I tried to look sad. As soon as the bell rang, I jolted out of my seat and spreaded the good news to anyone who would listen.